Village Laundry, 213 Osborne st., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Regular Dryers

One dollar (4 Quarters) for 1/2 hour of drying time

Small light loads may be done in half an hour
Heavier loads may need additional half hour

Please load only half full to allow for proper air flow
These dryer run only in increments of 30 minutes

Dryer Settings

Whites and Colors = High Heat (160F)
Permanent Press = Medium Heat (140F)
Delicates = Low Heat (120F)
Press the START button to start the dryer

Large Dryers

Seven HOT and FAST Large Capacity Dryers!
You get 4 minutes of drying time for each 25 cents
Insert 8 quarters for 32 minutes drying time
Dry two washer loads in one dryer in about 1/2 hour!

Comforters will dry in 12-20 minutes
as long as there aren't other clothes in there
to block airflow which is necessary to dry clothes

If comforters are mixed with clothes in one dryer
clothes will get wrapped up and will not dry
Save time and $$ by drying these things separately

If you're leaving while the dryer runs, please
so other customers don't have to wait for you
if they want to use it. Families and laundry "procrastinators" need many machines at once.

Even if the laundromat is empty, it can get busy fast.
Please don't leave clothes sitting in the machine.