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Top-Load Washers
Front Load Washers

Top loading washers use a lot of water and will give you the best wash in the city.
Newer washers use much less water due to regulations and do not wash as well.

Our front loaders are 1 1/2 times bigger than the top load washers and are set to automatically
run on a SuperCycle. They cost only 75 cents more than our top-loading washers.
Supercycle gives you an extra prewash and 3 extra rinses for the best wash possible.

The spin cycle is set to 999RPMs for a super fast spin, so your clothes come out drier.


If you need your King Comforter cleaned, we can send it out to get cleaned. It may take 2-3 days.

LAUNDRY TIP #1: Never Overload a Washer.

If you do, there won't be enough room for water and clothes will not get clean.
Dirt will not wash away since water can't get to it.
To get clothes clean, they need to flow and rub against each other.
The less clothes and more water in a washer, the cleaner your clothes will be.

Also powdered detergent will not disolve in an overloaded machine
and will cause soap stain on your clothes after your laundry is done.
The best way to prevent this is to let the washer fill with water first
and then add soap and let it mix for a few seconds. THEN add clothes.
This will also add an extra gallon of water to the washer.

Another sign of an overloaded top-load washer is squeaking and/or burning smell.
This is a sign of a sliping belt. The drum can't turn due to the weight of the clothes
causing the belt to slip and can damage the motor.
If this happens to you, remove some clothes from the washer to lighten the load.

LAUNDRY TIP #2: Use Front Loaders to wash comforters.

Wash only 1 comforter and nothing else per washer, or laundry may stay soggy. Why?
Comforters are larger and lighter than a ball of soggy clothes and once clothes soak up water,
that part of the drum will be heavier than the other and the machine will keep going out of balance.

The drum will slowly tumble in an attempt to redistribute the heavy clothes (which adds time to the wash cycle)
so it can go into a fast spin, but because the clothes don't have room to redistribute due to the comforter,
the machine will never go into a fast spin and your clothes will remain soggy after the cycle finally finishes.


If you're leaving the laundromat while the washer runs, please BE BACK BEFORE YOUR MACHINE STOPS
so other customers don't have to wait for you if they want to use it. These are shared machines.
Our customers with families and laundry "procrastinators" frequently need many machines at once.
Even if the laundromat is empty, it can get very busy within minutes, if a family needs most or all washers.
Please don't leave clothes sitting in the machine after it stops. Unload it right away.

Thank you for understanding. We appreciate your business.

Try Our Wash & Fold Service If You Don't Have Time To Do Your Laundry Yourself.